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Vote for Treasure ASAP!

Posted by Rhete - March 19th, 2010

Founded by former employees of Konami on June 19, 1992, Treasure is best known for classic-style action games that employ innovative gameplay systems. Their greatest commercial successes have been games like Wario World and Mischief Makers, but they are better known for their critical successes, such as Gunstar Heroes, Dynamite Headdy, Alien Soldier, Guardian Heroes, Radiant Silvergun, Silhouette Mirage, Astro Boy: Omega Factor, Bangai-O, Gradius V, Sin and Punishment, and Ikaruga.

They also need your support in the Escapist's Developer's Showdown contest! Just head on over here to vote! All you need is a facebook account, and you can also get a second vote by connecting to your twitter account! And if you said "oh cool!" to that, then what the hell is wrong with you, facebook is fucking gay. So is twitter.

Anyways as of this posting, Treasure has 5.7% of the vote, but I'm pretty sure with your support we can turn this around and pull an upset victory! FOR THE MOTHER SHIP!

Comments (6)

Shit man, you can't fight Valve. Valve is an internet icon, providing shit like Team For-"Gentlemen?"-tress 2 and Por-"the cake is a lie"-tals.

The only response to being paired with them in the first round is to start drinking heavily, unless you are Nintendo. Then drinking heavily would probably turn off your casual audience; you would have to find a more socially acceptable to drown down your eventual defeat.

Yeah I do regret not also plugging Treasure... They remain my biggest personal game development inspiration. It would have been awesome for the final two to be Treasure VS Behemoth but then I would have a tough time voting.

Already voted for them!

Ikaruga, Mischief Makers and Bangai-o Spirits OWN.

Posting in epic news post.

i have failed you....i voted valve because they make better games

I will I admit I enjoy the occasional game of left for dead.

I'm going to have to go with Valve, because MY OPINION MATTERS, obviously.

Haha, jokes on you, voting closed seven and a half hours ago! Sucker!