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Congratulations on finally gettin' 'er done. It's been a long three years and this game is 100% freakin' worth it. I'm proud of ya, dood.

Hunters is a nice game, though it has mediocre graphics. graphics, however, are replaced with good soundboard, which can take a few times before they start to bore/annoy you. i hope the story gets better and deeper, though it has little cliches, and that stage 1 is a mere scratch of the world of hunters. it caught me, however, and i'll be waiting for yer second launch of hunters.

I really really like this idea! Can't wait to play friday!

i played at all and won at all.
the jetpack woman was worst then the brick man!
any way i loved the story!!!!
keep going!!

Just hoping there's more of course but wait there's 6 stages. well here's the real comment, I hope the flash gets better and smoother the games been really fun. some areas were annoying and slow but thats cuz i suck at it perhaps. overall i enjoyed the boss battles and the bazooka was sweet <3

the hardest boss was in level 1, when you first meet Mizar.

I had to try like....5 times.

I say the easiest is when you fight against her when she has her Bazooka. I think that was the easiest boss! Think I beat her first try. There was way more room for me to react, which is good. Try keeping all your bosses like that. Freedom to react, so if I the boss kills me, it is my fault, not the developers fault for giving me a small area.

Ok first of all good job on making a new metroid or contra or cave story

second what game designing soft where do you use. i would like to make a flash game online that has cut scenes like this please tell me how if you can


Awesome stuff.
The voice acting adds so much to the game too !

Oldschool! Love it. Even the trailer is awesome.

3 years!?

That explains everything.

It's not the hentai that people are eager to ogle, but GIMME SOME TIME.
<a href="http://bbsimg.ngfiles.com/14/22654000/ngbbs4d9cfdbe5dda2.jpg">http://bbsimg.ngfiles.com/14/22654000 /ngbbs4d9cfdbe5dda2.jpg</a>

That's AWESOME, thanks!

Congratulations on all your hard work. This is a challenging game, and I love the episodic format. I especially liked how in stage 5 you have an area where you have to shoot to get around in zero-g. I also like how many bosses there are to fight.

So far, I'm liking this series, and I'm sure I'll like the final episode as well.

Yikes 'n yo Rhete. What a master blaster turned real. To do both the coding and the art is wild (many can't do). So congrats man (really enjoyed the present and looking forward to future episodes)... Don't know how you did it, but way cool.:)

Great game really! Probably the most entertaining flash game I've encountered!

There's only one thing I'm wondering: why not put medals to the game that you've put so much effort into and where they would fit perfectly since there are already all the different difficulty levels and different game modes?

wish flash/grahpics was better but this game still rocks wats sad is that i SUCK at it i have to 'grind' for health orbs like its metroid or something and i have to go for easy mode. anyways thanks for giving some great fun in my life i really enjoyed the space shooter game esp

Make it for Wii and Xbox and PS3!

XBOX 360.


Are you probably going to come out with a sequel to this? (Probably not :P)

uh Rhete...your little RPG game with only hitting the space bar...isn't even a real game i mean really.you have to improve it atleast.

I like HUNTERS. But your challenge mode on STAGE 6 is very cheating and very hard for escaping from the hunters base.

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